Reshape Your Life™ Program

Program pack includes:

21-Day kick start guide book!

Recipe Book.

Accelerated Fat Loss drops to help mobilise fat and reduce appetite.

ReShape 25 Billion Probiotic and ReShape Beans & Green Powder to reduce acidity in the body, and restore intestinal health.

ReShape Multi Plus, a powerful multivitamin to support your body along the journey to good health.

Rapid fat loss and achieving a healthy weight long-term requires determination to succeed, a little willpower and the support a simple, proven program to help get you on your way. Introducing the ReShape Your Life™ Program – fast fat loss for long-term vitality. Lose up to 10KG in just 3 weeks safely and effectively.

Slow and Steady or Fast and Effective:
While slow and steady was once the popular thought for weight loss, a study published in the International Journal of Behavioural Medicine suggests that for overweight patients, fast weight loss is actually the key to keeping it off long-term.

That’s why the ReShape Your Life™ Program has unparalleled success. You see fast results, including weight loss in the very first week, keeping you motivated while you’re making positive change.

The Results:
By following the simple detox protocol and diet plan set out in the three-step program, you’ll see the fat disappear and the centimeters vanish! Energy levels improve, skin gets clearer, and the biggest benefit we hear from our customers is the amazing body re-shaping that takes place by the loss of the hard-to-shift fat from hips, thighs, and stomach. The ReShape Your Life™ Program makes a visible difference to your health and vitality.

How Does it Work?
The ReShape Your Life™ program is based around a low-fat eating plan supported by a uniquely designed combination of probiotics, supplements and fat-loss drops to cleanse, detox and support your body while you’re shifting that unwanted weight. By reducing your fat intake and sticking to a specific low-calorie regime, the body is forced to sustain itself by using the fat from those stubborn fat stores.