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The Reshape Program Overview


Lose up to

10kg In Just

3 Weeks

When I first decided to do this truly amazing program, I had no idea that it would transform my life. For my first 21-day program I released 12 kilos and I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months. All I can say is, follow the program, it works.
– Ken

About ReShape Your Life

ReShape Your Life is a simple but effective detox protocol developed by Melbourne based pharmacists and naturopaths. Our 3-phase program focuses on improving energy levels, clearing skin and using up stored fat. The number one benefit is the amazing body reshaping that takes place by the loss of the hard-to-shift weight from hips, thighs, and stomach. With ReShape, you have the power to nurture life-long results.


Eat what you want and as much as you want in the first 3-5 days in combination with our AFL Drops and supplements. This prepares your body for Phase 2.

2 Detox

Using the ReShape meal plan will completely detox your body from the toxins and allergens that some foods cause. You will quickly mobilise fat stores while stopping any cravings.

3 Maintain

You will look and feel completely rejuvenated by this phase and you will begin to reintroduce some foods while continuing with our AFL Drops and support supplements.

C completion

By now, you may not recognise the person in the mirror but it’s you! You made this happen and now you have the knowledge and support to continue your journey with a healthy body and mindset.

β€œI was so amazed that those stubborn 7kg just melted right off! I feel amazing and my friends say I’m glowing. I also have heaps of energy and have easily maintained my new, healthy weight.”

The Complete 21-day
ReShape Program includes:

21-day guide book.
ReShape Recipe book and food guide.
ReShape Accelerated Fat Loss Drops.
ReShape Probiotics.
ReShape Beans and Greens Powder.
ReShape Multi Plus vitamins.

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