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What our customers are really saying about us when we're not around


What can I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to this program! When I first decided to do this truly amazing program I had no idea that it would transform my life and the lives of people that I know.

For my first 21 day program I released 12 kilos and the second time around I got serious and released a further 14 kilos (26kg in total).

I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months. Say goodbye to the Michelin man! I have gone from a size 42” down to an impressive 33” waist now.

All I can say is: follow the program, it works.

I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months. Say goodbye to the Michelin man!

Paul N

I first made an appointment with Melinda in 2015. Having had a poor diet and even poorer food knowledge I was an easy target! Mel is great at giving you the tools to implement new food habits through increasing your knowledge of good foods – when to eat them and what effect they can have.

I can honestly say that the transformation after 4 weeks has been astonishing! I am lighter in body and mind and have never felt my body humming with the vitality is does now.

Melinda gives you the tools to make permanent changes.

Aaron W – Melbourne

Despite many visits to G.P’s my skin continued to get infections and irritations. Antibiotics had a temporary effect, but the problems kept returning. So I consulted Melinda about the problems, for an alternative point of view.

After a consultation I took on board her dietary recommendations, and not only did my skin clear up, but my general wellbeing overall has improved. I feel more energetic and happier. My clear skin has given me more confidence and life is generally better.

I will definitely be consulting Melinda on any other medical or general health issues in the future.

Lisa Monique Gluck

Emily is a great inspiration when it comes to healthy eating and healthy living. She recently guided me in a gut detox, which I found to be very challenging, but which she made easier through her encouragement, wisdom and great recipe ideas.
Since the detox, Emily has been an ongoing source of support in health, most of all through her own example. She lives and breathes health and inspires through her own healthy live style. My own approach to and relationship with food has changed dramatically through working with Emily and as a result I feel happier, lighter and of course, healthier.
I feel happier, lighter and of course, healthier.
Lisa Monique Gluck

Shlomit Rozenberg

I started Emily’s healthy eating plan a year ago, and within days I could feel the difference.  Being a sceptic, I was blown away by my body’s reaction to the new eating plan.  I felt healthier than ever but what surprised me most is how much energy I had.  It was also an added bonus to lose a few kilos!

With Emily’s incredible guidance and support, I was able to follow the plan strictly for 4 weeks and then migrate to a 80/20 approach.  Emily is extremely devoted to her clients, she is always happy to answer 100 questions and her wealth of knowledge is ever inspiring – she truly embodies healthy living!


I felt healthier than ever
Shlomit Rozenberg

Greg Barber

Shortly after my diagnosis with Crohn’s disease I sought Chris’ help, with much improvement. Several years later I reached out again, this time with severe osteoarthritis. Chris turned my life upside down, forcing me to change my habits & introduce many supplements for several months, but much to my surprise (& my doctors) I have had significant improvement with much less pain and swelling, and I am out walking again! Thank you Chris,


Lucy Harvest

Christopher is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to general health. I first met Chris in 1998 when he was just starting out. I was feeling very sick from overload and stress. He coached me for 2 wks teaching me how to complete a cleanse. Something I had never undertaken.
It was hard but he was such a natural teacher and so passionate about his methods that I completed the program with his guidance and within a few days felt amazing!
I did get breast cancer in 2000 but it was caught early and again, I sought his help. I changed my lifestyle, quit my job, changed my diet and for two years followed his advice. I’m still here and the best part is that I never underwent Chemo or Radiology. I just had to have faith in myself and in Christopher. Thank you Chris!!
I completed the program with his guidance and within a few days felt amazing!
Lucy Harvest

Jen 34*

Hi, My name is Jen and I am 34 years old. I have tried many weight loss methods but it wasn’t until I tried the ReShape Your Life™ Accelerated Fat Loss program that i had such amazing success.

I lost 7kg in 3 weeks and I wasn’t even hungry. In fact I had to remind myself to eat the required amount of food.

The program was easy to follow and I think having good food preparation really helped. I was so amazed that those stubborn 7kg just melted right off! I feel amazing and my friends say I’m glowing. I also have heaps of energy and have easily maintained my new, healthy weight.

I also found that by avoiding those foods in the 3 week program when I tried to reintroduce certain things (like bread) I would feel sluggish and off. I was actually able to attribute those feelings of tiredness to something and realised I was sensitive to gluten and that’s made a huge difference in my life! I am in tune with my body more than ever.

I was so amazed that those stubborn 7kg just melted right off!
Jen 34*

Sally S*

I can’t believe my energy levels! ‘This programme is miraculous. I lost 10 kgs in 5 weeks, did not experience hunger and felt great throughout the whole experience. I now fit into clothes I have not been able to wear for over 5 years and thought I would never wear again. Thank you, I can now dress like ‘me’ again and have my energy back.’

I can't believe my energy levels!
Sally S*

Sophie C, Brisbane

I can’t believe my energy levels! Thank you Claire for helping me shift my post baby weight and get rid of my baby blues! I was advised by my non-holistic GP to start on medications after the birth of my first son but something wasn’t sitting right.  I’m so thankful to have found Claire as she helped me get my nutrition right ( I thought I was eating healthy but sometimes that’s not enough) and gave me some wonderful supplements, an easy lifestyle food choice guide and before I knew it I was a new woman!  I was enjoy to enjoy my new family and really be present! Thankyou Claire!’

Before I knew it I was a new woman!
Sophie C, Brisbane