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The original Reshape Program with the Accelerated Fat Loss Drops, Beans & Greens, 25 Billion Probiotic, Multi Plus Multivitamin, Recipe Book and the 21-Day kickstart guidebook! See what happy customers are saying. Learn More.


Once you have placed your order, your ReShape Your Life™ program pack containing everything you need to kick-start your weight loss journey will be mailed out to you, including easy to follow instructions.

If you think you want more support we can definitely help! Simply choose a ReShape consultation and for an extra $49 we’ll assign you a consultant for the 21 days who will do a Skype consult with you and run through the whole program, teach you how to weigh in and take measurements, give you some tips and check in a few times via e-mail to keep you motivated.

Accelerated Fat Loss Drops: Irvingia, Mimulus, Garcinia, Cambogia, Guggul Lipid 30C & 200C

19 reviews for ReShape Program

  1. Emma W

    Here I am again… I have now completed the program for the 3rd and final time!
    I have now reached my goal weight and have released an incredible 30kgs and over 130 cms from my body.

    I am so grateful every day for this program! I have my life back and have never felt so well, so healthy and alive.

    I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who wants to regain their health and wellbeing.

    This Program is life changing!!

  2. Emma

    Great product!

  3. Karen

    My husband and I did the program together which was great. In the first 3 weeks I released 6 kgs & my husband 11 kgs then we went onto the 21 day maintenance program & we both released another 2kgs each .

    We have been off it all now for just over 3 weeks & with Christmas & all the eating we did I only put on around 500g & he put on about 1kg but it is coming back down again as we are not eating the rich food that comes with Christmas.

    My husband has gone from 107 in trousers to 92 & I have gone from a size 14 to a 10.

    The program is amazing & not hard, we were never hungry.

  4. Ken

    For my first 21 day program I released 12 kilos and the second time around I got serious and released a further 14 kilos (26kg in total).

    I have been able to maintain my weight over the last 12 months. Say goodbye to the Michelin man! I have gone from a size 42” down to an impressive 33” waist now.

  5. Somone

    I completed the program in January and lost 7 kilos over 4 weeks and then a further 1.5kg in the maintenance. The amount of energy I have is massive and the determination and focus in all areas of my life has increased dramatically as well. I can’t believe the improvement in my cellulite!

  6. Kirsty

    I am 17, When I began the program I was 92kg and I am now at 69 kg .

    I have lost an amazing 23kg I feel like a new person, thank you for a fantastic program, I am amazed and proud of the results.

  7. Van

    I started the program in March, I did it twice (40 days) & found the first week a bit hard, but seeing the kilos fall off every morning on the scales made it all worthwhile & kept me motivated.

    After the first week it was easier, I was in a good routine and I felt so great!

    I released 16kg in 40 days and then lost a further 5kgs during maintenance. I have lost 113cm from my Body!

    This is a life changing program and I’m so lucky to have found it! It’s amazing how quickly & easily it works.

    YES IT WORKS, it actually does what it claims. I have kept my weight off, also losing more and enjoyed a new lease on life.

    I can’t believe that in such a short space of time I have released 28kgs of fat from my body and over 128cm are gone, with no baggy skin.

  8. Lyn

    I have tried every single diet around, some with success and others not so much, always putting the weight back on.

    My daughter started the program 3 days before me and kept ringing and telling to start as it was amazing, so easy to do and the weight was falling of her.

    I am 62 years old and weighed 90kgs. I felt life was a struggle, I greeted each day with a UGH! I wasn’t enjoying much in my life at this time. My clothes were getting tighter and tighter, the more I thought about it the bigger I got….. BRING ON THE RESHAPE PROGRAM AND MY LIFE HAS CHANGED…. From day 1 I felt different about myself. I was actually doing something for me.

    In no time I could see the difference, my whole body was changing. I had a new zest for life jumped out of bed every morning to get to the scales. WOW was now my morning cry. In just 21days I lost 11kgs . I continued on for 40days (2 programs) and after maintenance, I have now lost an amazing 20kgs, loving life, enjoying shopping for a whole new wardrobe and feel so fit and fantastic.

    So if you are considering doing this amazing program, don’t put it off any longer…just do it! Anyone can get these amazing results and it all happens in just 21days….

  9. Emma W

    This mother of two, has completed step 2 (low calorie diet phase) by releasing 8kgs and then a further 2kgs on the maintenance phase. That’s 10kgs in total. I have also released 38cm from my body.

    I was supported through the whole program with any questions I had. This encouragement was what helped me stay focused and on track to achieve my goal. The spring in my step is back I feel amazing both inside and out, and the complements are coming in thick and fast.

    It’s so easy and I didn’t feel hungry on the low calorie diet at all. It’s fast and this is what I think kept me so eager to continue as I was seeing the results on a daily basis.

    This program has changed many things in my life and opened my eyes to my eating habits as well as the rest of my family.

  10. Delia

    My friend recommended me the program and I have lost a total of 17 kilos and 2 dress sizes and am looking forward to going back on the program to release the last kilos to achieve my desired goal weight.

    It is the easiest and quickest way I have ever lost kilos and the best part is it stays off.

  11. Tam

    This ReShape program has changed my life! I lost 7kgs during the process and it was just the kick start I needed!

    Once I had lost this weight I got desire to go back to the gym and keep the weight loss going.

  12. Sharon L

    I lost 7 kilos whilst on the program and feel great, I will definitely do it again after my holiday as I still have more weight to lose!

  13. Fairlea

    The weight came off so quickly and I’m so motivated to keep it off I’ve become a gym junkie which is a huge cry from the sad little fat girl who only 2 months ago sat in bed eating pizza and watching movies instead of going out and being with her friends.

    It’s amazing what being 12kg lighter has done for my mental wellbeing not just my physical!

  14. Sarah J

    My sister recommended me this program and it really is so easy to follow. I lost 9 kilos and couldn’t be happier! I’m wearing jeans from 4 years ago that I refused to throw away. Happy days!

  15. Deb

    My name is Deb and my husband and I have just completed the 21 day program. We both found it fantastic (easy to follow and quick weight loss) Neither of us felt hungry or craved sweet or starchy foods whilst on the diet.
    David lost 10 kilos and I lost 7 kilos in the 3 weeks.
    We’re both bounding with energy and looking forward to Summer without the excess kilos slowing us down! Really was the kickstart we needed and now we can walk together without our knees hurting. Thanks

  16. Sophie

    I’ve just finished the ReShape Your Life Program and lost 9.2kilos! I’m so grateful for this easy to follow program. I have discovered I have a sensitivity to gluten when i’ve tried reintroducing bread after the program and it really makes me think about what i’m putting in my mouth now. Many thanks!

  17. Stella K

    LOVE this program! So fast, so easy AMAZING results! Thank you thank you! I never buy stuff online but this was totally worth it!

  18. Samantha

    Completed a second round of this program and now have lost 17.9 kilos! I am wearing clothes I never thought I’d wear again, I have so much energy and have managed to keep the weight off for the last 6 months! Eternally grateful! Thank you Deb!

  19. Jane

    Just what the doctor ordered after a super indulgent Christmas and New Year! Really simple to follow, wasn’t hungry and lost 8.4kgs! Happy Jane!

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