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ReShape Beans & Greens 90g

This nutrient rich fermented super food contains 10 billion good bacteria per serve. It is highly

alkaline forming and rich in chlorophyll, vitamins & antioxidants which support the cells, creating

optimum energy. Fermented foods allow beneficial bacteria to colonise the intestines, providing

the optimal inner balance.

High in fibre, low in fat, sugar & salt


Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 2 years unless recommended by a doctor

Made in Australia in a GMP certified facility


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Contains 10billion good bacteria per serve


Mung Beans (6%) includes 10 billion good bacteria per serving, Papaya Leaf Enzymes (5%), Spirulina (10%), Alfalfa powder (5%), Wheat Grass Powder (5%), Chlorella (10%) and Vegetable sweetener to taste (10%).

Nutritional Information:

per 3g/100g

Energy – 41 kj / 1337 kj

Protein – 1.4g / 8g

Fat- Total – 0.17g / 5.65 g

Dietary Fibres – 0.41 g / 13.8 g

Carbohydrates – 2.6 g / 86.7 g

Sugars – 2.26  g / 3.5 g

Sodium – <1g / <1g


Use a flat level teaspoon (3g) in water or juice, or sprinkle on your salad