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Kelp Noodles | Kona Berry

The Whole Foodies Kona Berry Kelp Noodles are a delicious alternative to gluten laden noodles!  With the added benefit of the potent antioxidant effect of the Kona Berry you’ll be wondering where this unique combination has been all your life! And only 12 calories per serve!

Delicious and nutritious! Recipe idea here


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You may ask what’s a berry and a sea vegetable doing together?
It may seem wacky! Well, The Whole Foodies say they were made for each other.

Having searched the mountains of Hawaii, The Whole Foodies team bring you a powerful combination one of the most powerful antioxidants to their mineral-rich kelp!

Bringing you a delicious, even more nutritious raw noodle alternative!

So what is this magical Kona Berry?

It’s the rich red fruit that surrounds and protects the coffee bean.

Kona Berry has 6 times more antioxidants than acai and 100 times more than blueberries, The Whole Foodies couldn’t resist adding Kona Berries to their kelp, creating this inseparable combination of minerals, antioxidants and downright natural deliciousness!



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Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate, Kona Berry.


Substitute Kelp Noodles with any of your favourite Noodle dishes! Pad Thai, Pastas, Noodle salads the list is endless! Or try this  delicious recipe