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Kelp Noodles | Green Tea

What is a kelp noodle you may ask?

Kelp is a nutritious sea vegetable that LOOKS like a noodle and tastes like one too! Bonus? Did we mention this delicious combo of kelp and high antioxidant Green Tea only has 12 calories per serve?   Kelp noodles are gluten free, vegan, raw and paleo! Plus they have a neutral taste making it the perfect alternative to traditional noodles!

Delicious and nutritious! Recipe idea here


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This unique combination of highly nutritious sea vegetable Kelp with the added benefits of Green Tea make another addition to  The Whole Foodies family!

It still looks like a noodle and Tastes like one too with only 12 calories per serve!

With a neutral taste and smooth texture, kelp is already the perfect mineral-rich, raw noodle alternative.

Green Tea Kelp Noodles are 100% natural, 100% raw and a 100% yum-tastic source of nutrients!


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Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate, Green Tea



Substitute Kelp Noodles with any of your favourite Noodle dishes! Pad Thai, Pastas, Noodle salads the list is endless! Or try this  delicious recipe