Designed to bring excitement back into your dishes such as soups, curries and salads, the Pimp My Salad range makes eating healthy plant-based foods more fun and tasty. The crunchy sunflower seed blend is full of fibre and nutrients, without skimping on flavour.


Product Description

Add some excitement and nutrition to your salads, rice, baked potatoes, pastas, soups and more! Sprinkle or eat on it’s own!

Play with your meal and take them to the next level with vegan flavour boosts. From post-workout meals to family dinners, a heart-healthy taste even your kids will enjoy. Nutritious alternatives to croutons, bacon bits, and wonton strips.

*Sunflower seeds, *Tamari, *cayenne, *coconut sugar, *cumin, *garlic, *onion, *unpasteurized raw apple cider vinegar, sea salt.