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It is with much excitement that we can now offer appointments with Melinda via Skype and phone around Australia.

To book an appointment please contact us today on 1300 737 427 or for our international guests + 61 3 9510 7717


A Little About Melinda

Melinda Kearsley, a qualified Naturopath since 2011, is a member of the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association (ANPA).

She has a passion for Naturopathic Medicine and a strong belief in the resilience and healing capacity of the human body. She is also a tutor for Naturopathic students, teaching a range of subjects including Nutrition for Weight Loss,  Sports Nutrition, Childrens’ Nutrition, Nutrition for Disease Management, and Aromatherapy.

Through a combination of counseling, clinical examination and pathology testing, she helps her clients identify and treat the root of their health concerns. Melinda focuses her treatment on restoring the balance required for good health, using nutrition, herbs, lifestyle considerations, energetic medicine and counseling, and provides her clients with the knowledge and tools to maintain this balance.

Her individualized approach caters to the different needs of each client, for the best possible outcome.  “Each person’s health is a journey. There is no one size fits all approach. The current state of health can be attributed to what we know about the individual’s past, and give us clues as to where it may lead into the future. It is the practitioners role to address these factors and give the client the tools to manage and maintain their own health and wellbeing.”

She lives with her children in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges where she spends most of her spare time in the garden, the forest or the kitchen.

Initial Consultations


Initial consultations are usually undertaken in person so that a thorough health analysis can be made including blood pressure, iris analysis, and nail analysis.

These consultations generally last around 1 ½ hours, when we can discuss your where your health is currently, your family history and health goals.

Follow Up Consultations


Follow up consultation can be made in person or via Skype. During these consultations we will discuss your progress and any relevant test results, and make any necessary changes to treatment.

Both personal and Skype consultations are able to be rebated.

I am also able to be contacted by email if you would like to discuss any aspect of your treatment.