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Emily Segal

It is with much excitement that we can now offer appointments with Emily via Skype and phone around Australia.

To book an appointment please contact us today on 1300 737 427 or for our international guests + 61 3 9510 7717


A Little About Emily

Emily Segal is a qualified Naturopath, Personal Trainer and Hypnotherapist.

Her approach to natural medicine is to treat both the body and the mind. She loves to empower proactive health choices and understands that much of emotional happiness and well-being comes from a vibrant body. 
Emily comes from a multi-disciplinary approach and utilises evidence based medicine to foster resolutions for each individual. She is passionate about seeing each of her clients thrive and become healthy, vibrant and dynamic versions of themselves!
Emily holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy (2015), Certificate III AND IV in Personal Training (2013) and a Certificate IV in Clinical Hypnotherapy (2012). She is currently completing her Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences. She is registered with with the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) 
In her spare time Emily enjoys scootering down the beach with her 2 year old son, singing, dancing and listening to the latest health podcasts! 

Initial Consultations

Initial consultation generally takes 1 hour, it includes a full medical and health history, current ailments, health goals, current diet, supplements, medications etc so that I can get a comprehensive picture of their current health and make accurate first steps in their healing process.
Recommendations may then be provided: diet, lifestyle, herbal; nutritional depending on the patients needs.
Functional Pathology tests such as: food sensitivity testing; complete digestive stool analysis; amino acid profile; salivary hormones; or liver detoxification profile may be required to gain a clearer picture of how the individual body systems are performing and working together.

Follow Up Consultations

At the first follow up consultation the patient will receive a written goal orientated treatment plan and any assessment results, along with their naturopathic prescription and detailed dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
All other follow up appointments, we will discuss progress, review the naturopathic prescription, identify road blocks to success – mind, body and spirit and monitor change.