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Chris Bellanger

It is with much excitement that we can now offer appointments with Chris via Skype and phone around Australia.

To book an appointment please contact us today on 1300 737 427 or for our international guests + 61 3 9510 7717



A Little About Chris

Chris Bellanger practices Nutritional Medicine, and is a Herbalist, Holistic Personal Trainer, Integrative Medicine Researcher & Health Writer.

He has contributed to many popular blogs, integrative medicine research reviews, and health retreats, & most recently was the senior health coach for The Paleo Way Program with Pete Evans.

Passionate about natural healing and fitness from a young age, Chris has spend over 25+ years studying & experimenting with healthy living, & 15+ years working with clients one-on-one.

In his spare time he enjoys Swimming, Kayaking, Cooking, reading & voraciously devouring Podcasts on integrative medicine and life hacking.

He has a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, as well as numerous Certificates including Personal Training, Coaching, Sport Nutrition & many more. He has almost completed is BHSc (Naturopathy) & will soon be releasing his first kindle book on chronic pain and PTSD with his wife, Medical Researcher & Naturopath, Olga Ischenko (BSc, BHSc) with a portion of proceeds going to research and other great causes!

Facebook: InjuryNutrition
Instagram: injury_nutrition

Initial Consultations


This is the first step in making a positive change to your health. In the initial consultation, I get to know everything about you and build a great picture.  I will ask you a series of questions so we can build a comprehensive profile. It’s important to have all of your previous health records, blood test results etc with you so I can get an idea of your overall health.  No questions are off the table, I am here to help.  After this, I can then proceed to complete your initial consultation plan with some great recommendations, which we will address next time we talk.

Follow Up Consultations


Follow up consultations are vital in making sure you are on the right track with your health. It’s imperative to me you are feeling better and we address any issues or questions you may have.  After this I will make any adjustments to your treatment plan and make sure you are completely satisfied with your health and vital.