How to stay healthy & well this festive silly season

Tis the season to Eat, Drink and be Merry. But that doesn’t mean we have to do all three in excess and undo all your hard work!! In fact, if you’re mindful of what you eat and drink over the holiday period – you will find that you can keep up with being Merry all season!

Follow our super simple steps to survive the silly season:

1. Plan. Fitness routines always go out the window at this time of year so it is important to acknowledge and plan accordingly. Plan to do your exercise first thing in the morning. It will allow your fitness to be a priority and also free the rest of your day up for family and friends. If you really can’t make an exercise routine work along with your festivities, plan catch-up’s outside. Take a walk with the family along the beach, meet your mates at the park for Frisbee or play a game of backyard cricket.

2. Be Involved. Help organise the office/family/friends Christmas party so that you can be apart of the menu design. Ensure there are healthy options for nibbles, entrée, main and of course the deadly desserts.

3. Pause. Take a deep breath before loading up your plate and think about your food choices. Take a deep breath before having that second helping or polishing off grandmas pudding and listen to your body if it is already satisfied. You’re less likely to feel the burden of the dreaded food coma after overeating and there will be leftovers for tomorrow!

4. Hydrate. And watch your alcohol intake. If you plan on drinking alcohol, alternate your beverages with a glass of water. Put your wine glass down between sips. You’ll find you will drink more slowly and it will free your hand up to shake hands, be more engaging in your conversation or even grab a canapé as they go by.

5. Rest. Remember, this is your time to rest and regenerate after a big year. Don’t take on the pressures and expectations of what you should be doing this silly season. Listen to your body and if it says “I’m tired.” Take a break from your social calendar, RSVP NO and have a night or two in reading a good book, watching Love Actually or listening to your favourite tunes.

6. Detox. Get ready for your post-Christmas cleanse. With the proper detox protocol and a simple diet plan you can reset and reshape your body and kick off the new year feeling good. A good post-Christmas detox can also improved your energy and give you clearer skin too!

Above all else, enjoy this special time. Be kind to yourself. If you do fall off your wellbeing wagon, don’t panic and don’t throw in the towel. Every choice is a new choice and a chance to get back on track.