Whether you once had it and lost it, or never ever found it – getting into an active routine to keep you happy and healthy without the exercise excuses can be hard. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and we’ve got some winning ways to get your groove back.

  1. Don’t wait

Although Monday is the beginning of the week and seems like the ideal day to start a new routine, it’s often the day we feel most fatigued. We usually stay up and sleep later on the weekends, throwing out our body clock, just in time for Monday. Don’t waste your week. Start today.

  1. Find your fun

There’s no right or wrong way to get your groove. If the idea of running bores you to tears, or you’re not quite ready to face weight training – take a dance class, de-stress with some boxing, speed walk with your bestie or even check out the range of group fitness classes at your gym.

  1. Swap your stand

Pay attention to moments in your day that require you to stand and see if you can swap it for a movement – even if it’s just 30 seconds. Standing in a lift, why not take the stairs. Standing while brushing your teeth, do squats while you brush, standing while waiting for your coffee, do calf raises. Simple, but oh-so-effective.

  1. Priority makes perfect

If it’s not a priority, it won’t get done. Prioritise your exercise and schedule everything else around it. Just like you do for your job, or your kids, you need to make sure exercise is on the must-do list. Add it to your calendar and cross it off once it’s done so you can see your efforts.

  1. Give yourself credit

Celebrate your successes. Every time you get out of bed early and hit the gym, give yourself a high-five! Took the stairs instead of the lift at work, acknowledge your effort. Every little step you take in the right direction is a moment worthy of your pride.

  1. Remember your reason

Whether it’s to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or keep up with your kids, your reason for trying to build your exercise routine is so important and is key to getting your exercise groove back. Whenever you feel like putting your health off, giving up or throwing in the towel, remember your reason and you’ll find the motivation to get in the groove.